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The Team

Torque Trends, Inc.

We value that organizations, companies, entities, and ultimately people who use our products and services are benefiting greatly from them.
In all our relationships in and out of business, we actively apply the Golden Rule which is to value others the way we would like to be valued. We endeavor to align with all who live by this rule as well: our employees, associates, investors, suppliers and service companies. We believe everyone has value no matter what their occupation or title and we understand respect is earned so we strive to earn it with every relationship we make.
Our ultimate goal is to give value through our high quality products and services, while contributing to cleaner air for the entire world to breathe.

Torque Trends, Inc. intends to have a major impact on both the aftermarket and the OE automotive industry with innovative gearbox and driveline component solutions. We are a consulting/design firm and a supplier of brute strength, light weight driveline solutions to the electric vehicle conversion industry. We have the go to gearbox for ev-conversion. 

Meet Our Team


Mitchell and Grace founded Torque Trends, Inc. in January 2013.

Mitchell Yow - Owner of Torque Trends

Mitchell Yow

Mitchell Yow has worked in the automotive aftermarket industry for more than three decades. As an experienced ASE master truck & bus mechanic, Mitchell earned a degree in automotive service and management while teaching automotive and truck technology at Lincoln Technical Institute.


Mitchell specialized in truck drive-train, brakes and chassis. Mitchell later served as a Fleet Manager for Wonderbread / Hostess Cake, then moved into technical sales and business development for Banks Engineering as their National Sales Manager. Then, in 1990 he joined Gear Vendors, Inc. and eventually became their General Manager.

Grace Yow- Owner of Torque Trends

Grace Yow

Grace holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management with a Major in Finance from the Asian Institute of Management, Makati, Philippines. She is an active board member of Jade Corporation, Davao City and has spent the past 15 years gaining valuable business experiences. Grace is Co-Founder, Board Member and Financier of Torque Trends, Inc. 


She brings both a lean operational mind set and strong organizational skills to the team.

Our Management Team

In our small group everyone wears multiple hats.


Dilby James Ballesteros

  • Executive Assistant

  • Shipping Manager

  • New Product Build & Test


Aces Ballesteros

  • Accounts Manager

  • Planetary Builder

  • Race Car/Test Mule Driver


Eddyx John Ballesteros

  • Procurement Manager

  • CAD Drawing & Drafting

  • Sub-Assemblies

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