The Ford F-150 pilot project development was done in partnership with the City of Surprise. Other fleet applications can be designed specifically for you.

"The City of Surprise is very excited to have a fully electric, zero emission service truck in our fleet. Converting a new Ford F150 makes good business sense for the city including lower operating cost per mile, reduced maintenance costs and associated down times, and more predictable electricity costs versus the historically volatile costs of petroleum based fuels. However, the benefits of being an environmental leader within our community and the fleet industry really make just as much sense. As added bonuses, Torque Trends, Inc. has been a pleasure to work with and the electrified F150 is surprisingly fun to drive!"


-Mike Gent, Director of Public Works

City of Surprise, Arizona

16483 N 165th Ave. Surprise AZ 85388

Phone: (623) 755-8214

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