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Torque Trends Media

Electric-Vehicle Conversions Sparking Appeal Among Car Enthusiasts

"Another option for electric conversions is adapting an original equipment manufacturer electric motor into an existing chassis by using a motor-specific adapter plate and attaching a gear-reduction device. 

An example is the device developed by Torque Trends Inc. The Arizona company specializes in reduction-gearbox design and prototype development for the aftermarket EV conversion industry. The “gear reducer” replaces the transmission in any vehicle that is converted from ICE to EV power. 

3 t0 1 with 5 O'Clock ParkLock Position

“OEMs are going electric and the aftermarket industry is following close behind,” says Mitchell Yow, who founded Torque Trends with his wife, Grace Yow, in 2013. “The TorqueBox (pictured, below left) is a single-speed, simple but strong gearbox built to meet the gearing demands of an EV-powered vehicle.”

Early adopters were customers with hot rods and classic cars; however, the company is now selling to the marine marketplace and has commercial accounts converting light trucks and vans. In addition, universities and research laboratories worldwide are engaged in prototype EV development using the TorqueBox.

Yow says the product can be ordered with the company’s patented ParkLock system, making the application street-legal nationwide, according to U.S. Department of Transportation regulations."

– Tim Ronak contributed to this report.

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