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Torque Trends - EV TORQUEBOX

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Torque Vectoring Capable TorqueBox

"Experience the Power of Torque Vectoring"

Dual but separate gearboxes in one TorqueBox® housing. This TorqueBox® accepts dual motors; and, with separate inverters allows torque vectoring. 

Unit is built with quiet helical gears that are nitrited and made from EN-36 material. Can be adapted to most popular e-motors that have a female splined shaft.

Can be used as a front or rear drive unit, with a differential; or without differential for torque vectoring. Can also be set sideways in the vehicle (mid-mount) for torque vectoring of front and rear drive axles.


Accepts the Torque Trends designed ParkLock System. Only one per TorqueBox® is needed.

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