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Please supply all the information possible

Vehicle: Year _____, Make ____________ Model _________

Electric motor(s)used?Yes ____  No ____ Max rpm you see regularly ______

Serial Number of TorqueBox in question ____________________

Are you running with a

☐Slip or

☐Fixed yoke

Are you looking for a

☐Standard upgrade of your TorqueBox® to current TorqueBox® status? ____ or

☐Complete rebuild of your unit? _____

Do you want to convert your TorqueBox to fit a different motor?  Yes ___ No___

If so, which motor? ______________________


Describe your desired performance level (Check which one is applicable)

☐Hot rod, classic, cruiser under 300hp

☐HP street/weekend warrior over 300hp

☐HP street or race only over 450hp

☐Truck or Van over 6000lbs

☐Truck or Van over 10,000lbs


Marine applications (answer every question above that is pertinent) 

☐Inboard motor

☐Outboard motor

Motor sits 

☐horizontal or 



Special requests?





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